6 essential Warm-up exercises for Desk Jockeys

Updated: Mar 20

Warming up before a workout or even during the day is an important component of connectivity that's ignored far too much. Not only does it prepare your body for activity but also gets the nervous system firing to those areas of inactivity from your work posture. Your muscles and ligaments don't respond easily to movement or natural posture while cold. Pop your body in the Maxrowave to warm up in just 6 minutes!!

Perform each movement for 60 sec at your work space with 60 sec rest between each movement.

1. Bear Taps

2. Bear Press

3. Jacks

4. Hip hinge

5. Box squat

6. Isolated side steps

For visual demonstration, subscribe to the MaxWellness community and get access to the full library of moveMeants.

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