A Shooting Pain With Wings

Ever feel shoulder pain when you lift something out in front of you? Try checking out your elbow position when you go to put out your hand for a handshake, if its pointed outwards, chances are you're guarding a learned pain path.

Sometimes when our lats (your back muscles), are overstretched smaller muscles get stuck to the big moving muscles behavior and stop doing their job. In this case, teres major is the lazy follower not keeping your scapula in place and secure to the ribcage. You see this a lot with rounded shoulders and desk posture but its also common in athletes like cyclist.

Focused isolated activation techniques and trigger point release are a great integration for targeting overstretched influencers that have the muscle tone but lack the activity while inhibiting the opposing muscle and releasing the overused muscle with focused pressure. While this utilizes cognitive activation, the release of shortened muscles will help to increase range of motion (ROM) and in turn help that elbow to rotate inwards as it should.

When taking pain in consideration it's not always necessary to "stretch out", rest or even contrast bathe. Sometimes muscles get lazy and stop working, that's when we need to get them up off their butts and working again...after all, they're only human.

Check out my mobility routines that will help you to target these ROM restrictions and schedule a session with me to get a 1 on 1 guide toward pain relief. These integrated therapy techniques help increase connectivity for longer standing effects as well as acute tension relief.

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