Best Breakfast Forward

People that eat breakfast are less likely to be obese and have diabetes than those who don't. What you choose to eat in the morning influences the things you eat throughout the day. Although breakFASTING can be a great balancing factor in your wellbeing when choosing to eat energy-enhancing, antioxidant rich foods throughout the day.

Eat eggs- Eating eggs is a great breakfast idea you're really trying to watch your weight.

The Cinnamon Dash- Studies show that integrating cinnamon into your diet can regulate blood glucose levels as well as reduce cholesterol by up to 30%. So adding to your coffee or cereal is always a great move!

Very Blueberry- Adding these valuable antioxidant packed berries to your meals, or even mashed up on toast as a jam, have been known to aid in the brain aging process and helps to preserve memory cells.

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