To eat breakfast or not to eat breakfast? People struggle with this question all the time, mostly because of intermittent fasting, basically skipping breakfast to extend your overnight fast as well as your calorie burning window. Advice like this opposes the idea that a hearty breakfast kick starts your metabolism for the day providing nutrients for muscle building and energy production.

Well I'm happy to tell you that a recent study from the University of Missouri found that female subjects that ate a high protein breakfast experienced reduced sweet and fatty food cravings throughout the day, which clearly are natural sworn enemies. Subjects who skipped breakfast experienced cravings as a result of low levels of dopamine, which is basically a chemical that tells you "OMG THAT WAS SO GOOD!...HAVE ANOTHER!".

So, if you have this voice in your head try asking it "How would you like those eggs this morning?".

Here's a great breakfast bowl to help you stay satiated and satisfied through the morning.

Sweet ol'Brown Rice

  • Cook rice night before then in the morning put into a bowl and add a spoon of honey, handful of coconut flakes, cut up banana, spoon of chia seeds and enjoy. (Add side of desired protein)

Brown rice is packed with Vitamin B as well as Fiber, if you don't like rice you can always swap it for some barley, steel cut oats or even quinoa.

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