Updated: Mar 20

About half of adults have high cholesterol, this increases their risk of heart disease and stoke significantly. You can simply lower the cholesterol in your blood by eating a healthy balanced diet and exercising consistently. I believe in gearing healthy habits, adopting this mindset, as well as implementing these few tips into your Life, will aid in the prevention of you having high cholesterol in the first place.

• Choose whole grain instead

• Have about 6 small meals a day

• Incorporate foods with plant sterols and stanols

• Have oatmeal for breakfast

• Eat a grapefruit every other day

• Buy oily fish instead

• Have a small glass of wine or purple grape juice

• Incorporate nuts into your daily snacks

Tackle your nutritional imbalances and and begin to INNERstand the happenings of the causes and reactions of your nutritional and physical decisions that you make throughout the day and schedule a nutritional consult with me.

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