Me, My Self, & I

When you speak in your head, you hear your words, yes?

In this determination we can say that we have identified an internal listener and speaker, and as we already have an identification of who we ARE we now have identified 3 facets of our BEing. It is up to us to understand which is which...this is where our internal power of discernment comes into play.

Beginning from the perspective which we are most familiar with we can identify "I" as the physical BEing that is the vessel and embodiment of the other 2, the observer if you will. In dealing with the other 2 dynamics, we can look at the aspect of the speaker mostly being the dominant one being that there is more effective directional energy and purpose that goes into speaking actions into existence based of logical knowledge. In comparison to the listener, which is a bit more passive, in that it's moved by the actions and affects of the speaker and is more so causing an action by a visceral affect. Taking these perspectives on these 2 identities we can determine that the speaker is taking a position of a more forward based approach and the lister as a more reserved position.

Looking at the aspect of what "me" tends to be described as would be more so an outwardly expressed persona. Usually when people ask you about you or in reference to you, you usually respond with: "Me!", "That's just me", "I am being Me" or "Me and you". Just looking at the latter we can see a difference, as well as the connecting junction between ego and "proper" language, in saying "You and I". With this we see the distinction between "me" and "I" in that we take the ego out of the tone and apply another person before us in speech which does so internally. In making this distinction we can surely tie "me" with the ego and given the forward directional intent and by ruling out the other 2 we can determine the listener to be "Self" and "I" as our physical consciousness of the culmination of all 3. No?

If we can agree on these basis, it's safe to say that giving your physical consciousness and human vessel the "I" role, the higher consciousness (or soul) the "Self" role and the Ego the "Me" role we can stand back and discern how we so choose to subjectively Live Life consciously. Without this identification one can be swayed into believing, valuing or even experiencing cognitive/emotional dissonance through cultivating a linear awareness away from one's Self.

Physical laws confirm that surface features do matter quite a lot and are not to be dismissed cavalierly. But to realize how in our lives we are completely dependent on surface features, we need to appreciate how truly inaccessible much of what is beneath the surface is.

One of the most wild thoughts we could ever have is to comprehend and hold in our minds, even if briefly, how utterly alone each one of us really is.

It's not a thought that comes easily and is even harder to hold on to, because it is really like looking into an abyss. It is such an elusive thought that although it is easy enough to describe it in words, it's impossible to convey its dizzying feel unless you realize and feel it yourself—it is sort of like trying to get someone else to experience the vastness of the Grand Canyon by describing it in words.

Just try to realize in your mind that everything you have ever experienced, everything that exists, all of reality as you know it to be, is all in your head and in your head alone. No matter how close you are to anyone, you will always be trapped in your head and in your body, and you will never get to experience even the smallest thing from the consciousness of another person. You can never ever know how it feels to experience life as another individual. Everything exists because you far as you really know. From your single perspective, everything will cease to exist when your consciousness ceases to exist.

The only matter that gives us validation is that we see people around us die and disappear, and the universe continues to exist and we assume the same has to be the case when we die...but we can't ever be completely sure. As far as you're concerned, you're the most important person in the universe and everything exists because you exist.

Even if you never feel this, or think that the concept is absolutely trivial, the implication is clear enough to say that; we never really get to know the heart and soul of anyone else but our Self, because we can never be in another person's consciousness. So, our image and judgement of everyone in our existence is based on what we see on the surface of who we perceive in their looks, words, actions, choices and their attitudes.

When we take this into perspective outwardly and apply it inwardly, we can start to discern that there are multiple facets of who we are perceived as, how I perceive my Self and the core of that Self. It is up to us to make the conscious courageous decision from the choices presented by free Will, and decide on how far to perceive and project our Self either as Me, my Self or I. Now, If we don’t want to accept that we are the only true creator and shaper of our reality, then we must ask our Self: who's Will am I at the mercy of to perceive this reality?

Check out my Vlog Frequently Speaking for more in depth topics like this and join the community in discussing the frequentSEE of our etymology we utilize in and out of Life.

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