Rushy Rushy

Now a days the world is run at a high paced rushy rushy state fueled by a caffeine IV and structured around all the things we have to DO. Its almost a regression to our prehistoric days when we would rely on our fight or flight response to try and escape a sabertooth tiger disguised as our gmail and the harsh and relentless conditions of our environment that is now our crazy state of zoom meetings at home in our 4 cornered rooms.

FoF conditioning sets a tone for a high strung mental capacity structured by a physicality of shallow chest breathing that we run our vessels on at a red lined speed through Life until we exhaust and burn out and rely on mindless activity to "relax". Our conditioned state of "relaxation" can seem as if it is a normal, based on our chronic state of Being throughout the day.

What does this mean for our learning capacity and our receptivity to newly attained information and how its processed?

Parasympathetic conditions of living facilitate a heightened and reactive response system within our body that can alter our cognition as well as our physiology. Basically, living in fear and a heightened state of tension can lead to overreactive responses that change our minds and bodies.

Starting with the body, your lungs are made up of 4 compartments that are better looked at as the 2 separate left and right chest breath bags we normally see. When we are in these parasympathetic modes, or fight or flight states, our body tries to send air to the brain faster to gain more clarity and focus on the increased input of information that is coming through the other senses. This means you only utilize the top portion of your lungs rather than the 4 components in full. Shortest distance between point A and point B kind of survival thinking.

This short term pathway towards mental clarity heightens the senses and starts to tune your body to remain in this heightened state as a base cadence, hence the term "chest breathing". When we get set into this tune we begin to resonate at a heightened reactive state of receptivity in that we are consistently taking in the external world as rushed and reactive because our breathing has tuned our body to do so.

When a person remains in this heightened state of FoF for a long period of time they can begin to reactively tie emotional responses to words that come up initially without giving time for their body to fully process them because their body has yet to slow down to digest the actual feeling or identify the particular emotion, this goes for all input that comes in as well. When we hear someone say something we listen to it and react, seeing something happen we initially have a reactive response to our environment and when this happens with an emotion that has an improperly tied word association we are stricken with various forms of dissonance.

Take a breath and take control of YOU. You're a world of emotion, if you maintain a clean and clear atmosphere you'll be able to live in control of the beautiful world that is YOU. My Breath of Fresh cAIRe step by step journey towards growth that focuses on breathing Life back into those areas of your Self.

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