We Are Teaching Students

"As I sit in the classroom, waiting, looking for some form of guidance or advice from staff members for my draft of my 'PROJECTion of Self' visual submission interview. A professor walks up and tells me to sit down and complete this sudoku puzzle, structured with 1-100 numbers and framed in boxes of 10.

Yes, possibilities are endless, but multiplying 10x each variable in box would solve this puzzle eventually.

He then tries to compare my value and potential to literal and metaphorical boxes. I remind him, after he's stops me as if timed, that my potential Self is unlimited and that if it were to be formed into an equation it would be umpteenth x umpteenth. Also, by limiting my possibilities by comparison to simple variables of a game, he is depreciating my values as a Being. Life is not a game of variables and numbers, you set your parameters of the world to conceptualize your unlimitedness which is what gives you unique perspective of a collective reality.

When I was looking for advice on the video interview my voice was not heard or appreciated for the attempts made which were making your 1st, 2nd, 3rd draft and were prematurely depreciated to the scope of a brain game. Through the act of effort, trying and adapting is where your true potential lies. It gives you expression of free Will, of expansion of Self into the parameters set for a specific limited task to a short video interview, rather than a limited Self.

I expressed to him that being a teacher/professor he could have understood the effort made from the attempt and looked at the fact that what I was seeking was a pure acceptance of these efforts and insight to not limit my possibilities to fit a scope, but rather adjust the scope to focus my unlimited potentiality.

This is how we are perceived into the world of Time and Matter, it does not define us nor does it dictate how much we matter. We are the students and the teachers in the experience of Life, understanding the limits of Life perceived but not perceiving my Life of limits.

I am unlimited, endless and eternally learning to understand there is no limit to the teaching as a student."

Take charge of a new scope into the Life you choose while understanding that there are no limits to the way your potential energy can create. Check out my C.A.R.V.E. Program and focus your manifesting into a true reality.

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