MaxWellness Services

Wellness is a journey that begins one step at a time. Seeing a vision for what you want as an end result is best with having a plan and taking it step by step to complete your vision. Walk the first three steps with me toward lifelong balance.

Step 1 

What good is a map if you don’t have a guide along your journey? Schedule a private training session with me and I will help guide into achieving and surpassing your fitness goals. Through understanding, knowing and gauging your ability to move in a specific direction with precision, speed and strength with newly embedded muscle patterns to help solidify your mental steel for increased performance.

Step 2 

If you're serious about growing into a healthier you, take nutrition seriously. I will show you that food is the key to how you look and perform. Eating the right food at the right time is essential to the strong look, feel and function you want. WELLness is a lifestyle, not a goal ! 

Step 3 

As we go about accomplishing life, we overuse and compensate with our muscles, leading to misalignment, poor posture, and pain. Our body holds on to stress in our fascia and muscles. Cognitive Manual Therapy ignites a full connection between body and mind, through active stress relief and breathing techniques tailored specifically to balance YOU. This session focuses on breaking up adhesions and targeting musculoskeletal imbalances on a profound level. My manual therapy sessions facilitate a meditative state that will bridge the gap between mind/body relationship and pain management