Positive Vibes For Positive Lives

When thinking of building, think of yourself as a beautifully complex structure from the grounded foundation of your bones to the minute details of each muscle that gives efficiency, aesthetic and grace to your being.

The Guidance You Need


As we encounter obstacles in life, physical or mental, the determining factor in whether or not we overcome them is strength. Have you ever asked yourself "How am i going to do this alone?" To realize your capabilities, confidence in self is essential. Our emotions affect our physical being profoundly.

When we say "I can't" we genuinely feel incapable.  

 Your body is a complex mechanism, where YOU spend your whole life. Yet many of us don't know how it works.

In building your body, you will learn to understand the energetically powered organism that you have inhabited since birth.

From performance based athletes to office jobs to stay home moms, bodies get conditioned in ways according to their use.

Building is about seeing a vision of the results you want and having a step by step plan to get there.

I will guide you to know, understand, and gauge your strength, precision, and speed. The MYB map will give insight into what you are and are capable of executing. Learning through doing.

Learn to utilize your muscles individually while challenging and building strength.